Religion in the 21st Century.

It’s really surprising and awkward how people think about religion in the 21st century. Religion had played a very vital role in the life of the world, and is still playing and will continue to play so far in my rate.

We have form a very bad habit in us; everyone claims that he alone is the one following the right religion any other human is on the wrong side. They use to tell people that they alone will go to heaven and others to hell fire.

It’s obvious, apparent and wholeheartedly believed that whenever you meet two groups of people with different goals, believe, culture e.t.c you’ll find out that a lot of problems lies in-between them.

However, one thing had always stood out very clearly and that is freedom which enables anybody to choose his own mode of worship. These days, this freedom seems threatened by some religious zealots. they want to force others to accept their mode of worship as the only acceptable one. Let anybody choose his own religion based on the proofs he has for the true existence of God.

The promotion of scientific explorations and inventions has accused the demotion of religion faith, to a certain extent faith in God.

What went wrong or goes wrong is the way or the method that is used to present God to the modern world. The people of the 21st century are not the same as the people of the bygone centuries. There are commendable changes in their ways of thinking, living, outlook towards the world; religion etc.

John Kuppail wrote on religion in the 21st century. He said “Stop for a while! lend your ears to the reverberations of transitions in the global village.Religion is the crutch of the weak, it is a psychological smear to the dejected humans, it is a smithy of smarmy godmen and it is a heaven for the filth and dregs of the society. Are you flabbergasted and exasperated? if not you, atleast i am, because they cannot be discarded as the deliriums of the deformed consciousness. One may adamantly articulate that unscrupulous philosophies despicable influence of materialism and secularization, scandalous deeds of priests, egoistic isolations, purely gastronome outlook towards the world, frantic race after the transient pleasures are the reasons for the rejection of religion. Apparently, all these factors have horrendous repercussions on religion. However, our point of concern is: Does the rejection of religion necessarily mean rejection of God? the negligence of ritualistic religion does not mean a stark repugnance for God because Indescribable Being cannot be fettered in the religion confinements of rituals and doctrines.”

We are in a secular world; religion now have small portion to roll through.

Religion is very essential in life so far in my rate. Let’s all embrace peace and unity so we shall prosper in life. Let’s say no to violence, conflict, grievances and family threats for a better well-being.

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