Low level of Education.

The Nigerian education system which produced world renowned scholars in the past has now become a shadow of itself. The rot in the nation’s education system has reached such a deplorable proportion that if not properly addressed now, subsequent generations of Nigerians will continue to suffer it consequences.

The importance of education to human beings cannot be overemphasized. Globally, education is considered as a human right that should be accorded to all human beings, in fact it was the reason why a lot of international human right bodies consider education as a fundamental human right.

It is astonishing how teachers and parents encourage their children in engaging into examination malpractice in the whole Nigerian states, in order to secure a good outstanding results. A flying color result would only make one lazy and dump if he/she is not a hardworking child.

children of the 21st century only admire education and the lustful materials the educated or successful one’s have or the position reached. They love to be educated, but don’t want to suffer on the way or procedures to acquire it. A wishful thinking that has no starting aim.

Cheating has become part of children now-a-days that they use to think it is of high level to attain that altogether and sometimes regards it as being classy. However, the West African Examination Council (WAEC), the NECO e.t.c are examinations written annually before a student qualify for the tertiary institution. During these examinations in schools, student usually do one or two things in the examination hall which void their result after caught red handed. I mean, this really the junction where student usually abuse examination in the education system. Our dear teachers, sometimes so-called teachers, are well trained, skilled and professionals in their various fields at times or usually i would say give their very good contribution in ensuring that the students abuse examination to the highest level. This is really distracting the education system in Nigeria.

More over, another factor that is a good reason for the low level of education in Nigeria is how students drop-out of schools. After droping-out of schools, they engage themselves in any kind of thing that come across their way either good or bad; usually bad we all know. Student drop-out of schools because of many factors e.g peer pressure, financial incapability, relationships, drug abuse e.t.c. To think of it, the commonest one is the peer pressure. Peer influence have strong role to play in student these days. They decide on what others have decided, they do things without consulting the aged-people (elders) e.t.c to mention a few.

Also, free and quality education for all should be embraced as provided under section 18 of the 1999 Nigerian Constitution. Due to the poor economic condition of the country, very few parents can afford to educate their children by enrolling their children  in schools. More so, if the education if free, this makes it easier for them to develop interest in it. This way the rate at which student drop-out of schools as a result of financial incapability will be reduced.

Education is no longer what it was. Let’s all say yes to positive education and try to change ourselves for the better.

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