Woe A Day!

Ah… all of a sudden life has turned to something else. we are no more our brother’s keepers, we do not think of other people than to atleast value their lifes; all in the name of struggle. What struggle infact? This wicked world…a dream…a film show…argh, we should or indeed need to stop deceiving our gentle souls with some sorts of so-called hopes and wishes; let’s face reality because there is really need for that. Perhaps, i can’t say, but how do people view world at their various ends? this simple and quite timid question keeps on perambulating round the geographical and enclosed area of my head. I tend to worry much about little things people sometimes call habits because to a rational human it always seem unusual for one to be involved in various mess. Woe a day to remember: One day I met a guy on the street while strolling down my area and we had a very warm conversation. Twas all about politics…and talked little about rights. in the beginning he made little sense though, well..was going smoothly and a series of a pox ‘o that followed his chain. i thought it’d have a new look but that he continued with the talk…wasn’t really making any sense. until later he realized that he was totally out of context. what i just want you to understand all these while, is that we human beings lack concentration and do not think well for ourselves at the right time. And this is the kind of life we’re living. Haba!!! so unfortunate…

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