A Thanks of Life

Assalamu Alaikum wa-rahmatul llahi wa-Barakatuhu. All praise is due to Allah the owner of everything in existence; animals, human beings, trees… etc and all. Alhamdulillah…we’ve come a long way from where we started from… lots of progresses and goals reached. permit me to delve into what i’m out here for.
A friend in need is surely a friend indeed. These people i’m gonna be thanking for their endless efforts and contributions are far away from been friends alone but my brethrens and sisters. It’s easy to make friends but a rock to make good once; not only being good but super good. A friend is like half a choice to everything; even when said bad, makes the hell out of you meditating.
An entity may be surrounded by concrete walls which at some rate collapses due to high speed of wind, water etc. Believed, everything has got its own weakness but to make out a point here, my friends are a strong bonds of a million plates of concretes. I’ve lived safer with them and still living thesame way. intellectual friends infact. There’s no single time i dear to do a thing without them criticizing, advicing and giving solution. A better life i had. Endless efforts. Now…
Memories clocking,
face smilling,
heart palpitating,
body weakening,
eyes squinching,
mind dulling,
All of me missing,
I do appreciate all of you… an uproaring thanks all over…anytime,everytime and forever. Stay blessed.
Mahmud (Wazatta).

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